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MEADA Procurement is a very efficient and user friendly software solution, that helps Vessel’s crew and Office staff handle with ease requisitions, inquiries, orders and budget control. The software offers a lot of advantages, some of which are:

  • Easy handling of requisitions, inquiries and orders
  • Stock control on board, with Monthly reports to the Office
  • Budget control – payment for the PO are automatically deducted from the yearly budget
  • No e-mail sending for regular requisitions
  • No e-mails to the vessel – all info regarding the PO is transmitted automatically
  • High level of data security and very low transfer data size
  • Very easy to use with minimum computer skills
  • No effort on supporting and updating software
  • Works on many devices via modern browsers
  • Can be accessed from office, home or on the way with internet access
  • Ship module can work offline without permanent internet access
  • Data is backed up and can be restored in case of failure
  • Database backups are stored on different geolocations and cannot be lost
  • No software installations and maintenance of physical servers

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