MEADA Planned Maintenance System
MEADA Planned Maintenance System - Vessel components
MEADA Planned Maintenance System - Maintenance Tasks
MEADA Planned Maintenance System - Out of order components
Planned Maintenance System - Circulating components
MEADA Planned Maintenance System - Inspection audits

Proper maintenance of the ship and its equipment is probably one of the most important things on board a ship. Proper maintenance could reduce the chance for equipment malfunction, failure, brake down, etc.

ISM code Rule 10 regulates the necessity of establishing procedures for maintaining the ship and its equipment. On the other hand, every classification society requires a type approved PMS on the ships under their register. Taking this into account it is clear the you cannot have efficient ERP system for a ship, if you do not have a PMS software. That is why, some time ago, we set sail on a journey to create a user friendly and efficient PMS software.

Here are some of the advantages that you can benefit from:

  • Easy import and export components
  • Maintenance tasks could be either calendar based or by RH
  • RH for the components could be entered manual from counter or calculated from parent component
  • RH report for all components or for selected components
  • Out of order component – when a component is out of order, the software gives you option to separate it from the maintenance and keep records of the follow up
  • Circulating components – it is easy to monitor the status and condition of the circulating components
  • Very easy to use with minimum computer skills
  • No effort on supporting and updating software
  • Works on many devices via modern browsers
  • Can be accessed from office, home or on the way with internet access
  • Ship module can work offline without permanent internet access
  • Data is backed up and can be restored in case of failure
  • Database backups are stored on different geolocations and cannot be lost
  • No software installations and maintenance of physical servers

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