MEADA Planned Maintenance System
18 Feb

Great news, we are happy to announce that MEADA-PMS was issued a Type Approval certificate by NK Class. The survey of our Planned Maintenance System passed with flying colours.

Changing the PMS might seem like a big and difficult step, considering transition of data, distributing and installing the new software, learning to use the new software, etc., but with service our company provides it will be as easy as it can get. It is all worth it, the benefits in long term will pay off the effort made, which includes:
  • Personal approach from our side;
  • Free data transfer, and assistance throughout transfer period;
  • User friendly interface, minimum user skills requirement;
  • Each job cards could be assigned to different responsible person;
  • Very easy to plan, all job cards arranged by remaining time regardless maintenance interval type (calendar based or by RH);
  • Maintenance interval could be either calendar based or by RH;
  • Maintenance instructions could be either written or by attached file or both;
  • RH for the components could be entered manual or calculated from parent component;
  • RH report for all components or for selected components;
  • Out of order – when a component is out of order, the software gives you option to separate it from the maintenance and keep records of the follow up and the communication between the office and the vessel until the component is back in service;
  • Circulating components (Spare parts or Critical spares) – software allows unlimited entries of circulating components. When a component needs to be replaced by a circulating component, all it takes is just to choose from drop down menu which you want to use. Software automatically transfer the RH, and keep record for all circulating components;
  • Audits – due to the facts that deficiencies or detentions on board is mostly connected with ship equipment and maintenance, this sub-module gives you the ability to record any kind of inspections and to keep a record of the follow up and the communication between the office until the issue is solved.;

All it takes is a little bit you time to test our new and intuitive software. Testing is free, benefits are a lot.

Capt. Anton Kolarov

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